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Step 1) Create Your Own Value Circle™ – In this section we will fnd out what truly motivates you and what you care most deeply about.


Step 2) Developing Empowering Goals – Here you will develop empowering goals and techniques, get your fnancial goals down on paper and make them real. We will focus on making your goals meaningful and specifc – and thereby attainable.


Step 3) Overcoming Challenges – In this step you will learn a strategy to use time and time again to overcome any obstacle in your life.


Step 4) Find Your Stuf – In this step I will explain how you can get your finances together and organized. I give you a checklist to get your finances all in one place—which will save you time and money in the future. 


Step 5) Financial Inventory Worksheet – In this section you will determine your net worth, get all your finances down on paper and figure out where you stand financially. This is a criucial step because until you know exactly where you stand, it’s impossible to plan where you want to go.


Step 6) Where Does Your Money Really Go? – One of the most important parts of getting your financial life together is having a solid grasp of exactly what your current cash fow is. By completing this section, you’ll discover where you are spending your money.


Step 7) The Miracle of Compound Interest –In this section I will introduce you to some of my favorite charts to help you understand the miracle of compound interest, how to look at investment risks, and how (when it comes to investing), the earlier you start the better of you’ll be!

Never give up, ever